Best way to watch movies/series

- Stremio

Best way to watch movies/series

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The best way I prefer - Streaming over torrent - Stremio

Stremio is a software to watch movies or series or media and it is amazing. It helps us stream content over the torrent.

Good Sides

  1. It's ad-free.

  2. Available over major platforms.

  3. The software is Open Source.

How does it work?

  1. Head on to and download the software for Windows/Linux/macOS/Android/iOS.

  2. Once installed, login > use guest if you don't want features like Adding to the library or even the release calendars.

  3. It requires addons to work as you can consider it as a box. While official addons adhere to the law and don't provide much content, you can use Torrentio using . Choose your options or Install to get everything.

  4. Now you're done. Just search, and choose the quality you want to watch with higher seeders and stream.


The only downside might be that

  1. You have to download the software to watch.

  2. Since it is dependent on torrents, the number of seeders highly affects streaming.

Other Usual Ways of Watching

Streaming via websites

Besides the above, you can stream hosted content using several sites. They are available to watch on the website without having to download any software on your device.

Good Side

  1. No software to download so works on all devices with a browser.


  1. These sites always have too much of ads to pass through. While it is possible to use an Adblock on a Desktop, it's hard to do that in mobile browsers.

  2. It's illegal to host the contents, so, the website may be taken down.

Download and watch

This is the best way to watch if you do not have a reliable internet connection. Download it via torrent (might contain viruses) or hosted files and watch it when free.

Watch it on Official Sources/Streaming Platform/Movie Hall

The only legal way is to pay and watch. The only downside, you need to spend.