Why pay more, when you can do it for less?

Save money when transferring to Bank, buying from Daraz


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We spend or better to say we need to spend money for necessities. So often we pay whatever it is listed aka fixed price. But hey, in this competitive world there are options and we can save few bucks while we do do transactions. Well, it might not be much money and we might need to take a few extra steps but still Why pay more, when you can do it for less? Money saving tips below.

Transferring money to bank

Saving money to bank is the easiest way to have the money grow rather than storing it in cash or keeping them in wallet. So here's how you can transfer money to bank in lowest possible rate. Hope you save upto NPR 10 in each transaction.

  1. Bank to Bank: Same bank transfer is free
    NIC Asia Bank: The cheapest rate of transfer for Bank to Bank transfer is available only in NIC Asia Bank - Mobile App - Insta Fund Transfer. The rate is NPR 3 per transaction. Do note that sending by Account number provides more banks; service available only when sending from NIC Asia Bank via Mobile App and limited to select banks.
    Other options

  2. connectIPS: Every bank App/e-banking has connectIPS transfer as option. The rates range from minimum NPR 2 to maximum NPR 8 for each transaction depending upon transaction amount. connectIPS itself is also a service which requires verifying each bank and has standalone App.

  3. Wallet to Bank: This option is also available and might be tricky. Khalti allows transferring up to NPR 1000 to any Bank for free. All major wallets (eSewa, Khalti, Ime Pay) supporting linking at least one bank to withdraw for free in Linked Personal Bank. Load the amount to wallet and withdraw for free. For all other accounts, they charge starting from NPR 10 per transaction or more. DO note the limitations of each.

  4. Default Option (Not recommended, most expensive but last option): Transfer via Bank's default way or Wallet's transfer (which is most frequently Fonepay, starting from NPR 10).

Buying products from Daraz

Daraz came and swept e-commerce in Nepal drastically. While the amount is fixed and there is no bargain, you can still save some money. Read the following.

  1. (Informal Way) Ask me affiliate link: While you might know or do not, if you use the links from many people (affiliate links), they earn commission from most products you buy. If you provide me the product you want to buy, I can send such link and if you buy clicking that link, I am happy to provide half of whatever bonus is received. Example link: UPS for Router - works around 8-12 hours

  2. Collect Vouchers before you order/pay: To get discount you need to collect vouchers; you miss them and you get no discount. You might be missing vouchers. On the Mobile App, Go to Account > Vouchers > Get more vouchers (the bottom right one) to view and collect available vouchers.

  3. Prepay to save NPR 10 (COD Charge): You can use Wallets or e-Commerce Activated Card

  4. Buy on Bank Days: Some Banks provide up to 15% off (up to some NPR 100s) on specific days while paying using Bank Card - Refer to the list of Bank and discounts Daraz Bank Days

  5. Cancel your Order if you find that product cheaper, if you have ordered but not received the product: While there is no option to cancel order after it is shipped via the app, just deny receiving when the delivery person calls you for delivery. You will be fully refunded. Order cheaper.

  6. Order during sale period: Festivals bring offer and vouchers. Order during the same.

Hope you save some money! ๐Ÿ™‚